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Community Planning, Land Use Regulation and Design

Community Planning and Design

Archived BIDs Conferences

For information on BIDs seminars, please email: Seminar agendas from previous programs:

Seminar Agenda for 2008 "Foundations for Successful BIDs" (PDF icon PDF, 56 kb)
Seminar Agenda for Mid-Year 2007 "Positioning Your BID for Success" (PDF icon PDF, 81 kb)
Seminar Agenda for 2007 "Beyond the Basic BID" PDF icon PDF document, 11 kb
Seminar Agenda for 2006 Models of Economic Renewal PDF icon PDF File, 23 kb
Seminar Agenda for 2005 PDF icon PDF File, 7 kb

More Information on Wisconsin Business Improvement Districts (BIDs)

Land Use Programs and Publications

Upcoming Programs

Local Land Use Planning and Zoning, 2016 (PDF icon PDF file, 451 kb)

Also consider ordering an audiostream or materials bundle of previous years' programs.

Downloadable Texts

Fact Sheet #13: Fences in Agricultural Areas (PDF icon PDF file, 23 kb)
Fact Sheet #14: Wisconsin Statutory Authority for Boundary & Related Agreements (PDF icon PDF file, 48 kb)
Fact Sheet #15: Wisconsin's New Comprehensive Planning & Smart Growth Law(PDF icon PDF file, 26 kb)
Fact Sheet #16: The Town Plan Commission (PDF icon PDF file, 42 kb)
FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions: Comprehensive Planning & Smart Growth Law(PDF icon PDF file, 48 kb)

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Upcoming Programs

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