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All About WisLines

What is a WisLine?

A WisLine is a live teleconference offered by the University of Wisconsin-Extension that you attend from your home or office telephone. Presenters who have expert knowledge on the topic will offer an informal talk and an opportunity for questions and answers. Because there is no visual presentation in these teleconferences, it's recommended that you follow along with the supporting materials you will receive.

WisLine logoTo register online follow the link in the program information, or you can register by phone at 608-262-0810.

Several business days before the program, you will receive an email with the number to dial to attend the teleconference. The email will also include a pdf attachment of supporting materials. You may either print the supporting materials out ahead of time or open the attachment during the teleconference to follow along on your computer.

The day of the program, about twenty minutes before the program's start, dial the number you received. You will be connected to the teleconference.

Helpful Hints

  • When you register, use an email address that comes to you individually, so that you receive the supporting materials directly.
  • Use a telephone with a mute feature.

    Woman accessing an audiostream, showing computer monitor and headphones.What is a WisLine Audiostream?

    After our live WisLine teleconference has occurred, we convert the spoken portion into streaming audio which you can play on most home or business computers equipped with speakers or headphones and an Internet connection (DSL, cable, or other high-speed connection required). Because there is no visual presentation, the same materials packet that people get when attending a live teleconference will be provided online as a .PDF file. You will be able to hear the question-and-answer session that occurred in the live teleconference, but will not have a chance to ask your own questions. Order audiostreams.

    What are the System Requirements?

    You must have RealPlayer or Windows Media Player installed on a Windows or Mac computer, and an Internet connection. These programs can be downloaded free at the links below. To test whether your computer can play our Audiostream WisLines, try the "Free!" button to the right.

    Download RealPlayer
    (click on the
    "Free Download" button)

    Download Windows Media Player
    Various Mac and
    Windows versions

    Red button with text "Free"
    Try a free Audiostream
    - ON US!
    Enter this password when prompted: openmeet119

    Are There Any Other Options?

    Yes. You can purchase a "materials bundle" which includes printed materials and an audio CD. Order a "materials bundle."

    How Do I Determine Which Type of Program to Register For?

    Determining factors are price, convenience, timing, and interaction.

    Price: Your lowest-price choice is a live WisLine teleconference. These vary in price, starting at $20 per program. Materials bundles or audiostreams are priced $5.00 higher per air date to cover additional media processing, storage and shipping. (Some programs span several dates and can only be taken as a single unit.)

    Convenience: Attending a live teleconference requires you to visit a public WisLine site, usually located at the Extension office in your county or a neighboring county. This means transportation and usually only one date and time to pick from. Materials bundles and audiostreams give you more scheduling options and the ability to return to the program repeatedly.

    Timing: Your earliest access to the information is at the live teleconference itself. The materials bundles and audiostreams will not be available for a few business days afterward, since the sound media must be created and distributed.

    Interaction: Attending a live WisLine teleconference gives you the opportunity to ask questions and interact by voice with the presenters and moderator, as well as participants from around the state. The materials bundles and audiostream do not offer any such social interaction. On the other hand, some groups will prefer to buy one materials bundle, meet and go through the training together, discuss, and review.

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