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The mission of UW-Extension's Local Government Center is to provide focus, coordination, and leadership to UW System educational programs supporting local government, and to expand the research and knowledge base for local government education.


The University of Wisconsin-Extension's Local Government Center became operational in January of 1992. Initially created as a two Division unit (i.e., Cooperative Extension and Continuing Education Extension), the Center was reorganized as a Cooperative Extension unit in July of 1994. At that same time, Specialist support was added to address the emerging needs in growth management and community planning and design.

Significant high points of the Local Government Center history are celebrated on the Milestones page.


229 Lowell Center
610 Langdon Street
Madison, WI 53703
Phone: (608) 262-9960
Fax: (608) 265-8662

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Center Specialists

photo of Director Chuck Law

Chuck Law

LGC Director and Community Planning and Design Specialist

Overall Center program delivery and coordination. Funding mechanisms for downtown redevelopment; rural landscape preservation.

Dan Hill photo

Dan Hill

Local Government Specialist

Transportation, open meetings, open records, elections, meeting management, agendas, minutes, parliamentary procedure, public policy education.

Philip Freeburg

Philip Freeburg
Local Government Law Educator

Local government law in general; powers and duties of local government bodies and officials; land use regulation; open meetings and records; ethics and conflicts of interest.

Bill Rizzo photo

Bill Rizzo
Local Government Specialist

Deliberative governance, civil discourse in public life, public engagement, participatory decision-making.

Larry Larmer photo

Larry Larmer
Outreach Specialist

Parliamentary procedure, conducting government meetings, minutes.

Center Support Staff

Katy Sticha (608) 262-9961
Eileen Langdon (608) 262-9960
Website support: Eileen Langdon

Direct Educational Activities

  • Workshops: Full-day seminars offered throughout the state for local officials.
  • Distance Education: Dial in to one- to two-hour teleconferences from your home or office.
  • Educational materials: Available online or by mail.
  • LGC website: Downloadable fact sheets, bibliographies, and useful links.
  • Local Call: LGC's blog.
  • Educational programs around the state.

UWEX County Educator Training and Support

The LGC provides the following support to county educators:
  • Programming assistance: Help with educational design, delivery and evaluation.
  • Ongoing communication about programs, current events, and government issues via email, teleconferences, and educational materials.
  • Professional development opportunities.
  • Education coordination.

LGC Specialists meet regularly with an advisory committee, made up of the directors of the Wisconsin Towns Association, the Wisconsin Counties Association, and the League of Wisconsin Municipalities, to identify and discuss topics for educational programs of interest to local government officials.

LGC Specialists often refer special requests and educational needs to individual UW System faculty and state agency staff to help develop an appropriate educational response.

When appropriate, the LGC helps identify key local government issues having statewide impact and helps coordinate applied research projects to address them.

LGC Specialists participate on a number of state-level committees that deal with issues of local importance.

This page last updated: May 17, 2016

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