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Archived BID Seminar Agendas

Seminar agendas from previous programs:

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Local Land Use Planning and Zoning, 2017 – (PDF file, 369 kb, 2 pages)

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Downloadable Texts

Fact Sheet #13: Fences in Agricultural Areas – (PDF file, 23 kb, 7 pages)
Fact Sheet #14: Wisconsin Statutory Authority for Boundary & Related Agreements – (PDF file, 48 kb, 6 pages)
Fact Sheet #15: Wisconsin’s New Comprehensive Planning & Smart Growth Law – (PDF file, 26 kb, 4 pages)
Fact Sheet #16: The Town Plan Commission – (PDF file, 42 kb, 9 pages)
FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions: Comprehensive Planning & Smart Growth Law – (PDF file, 48 kb, 7 pages)