Running for Elected Office

This set of materials – developed by UW-Extension, the Local Government Center, and the League of Women Voters, with contributions from the Wisconsin Elections Commission (formerly the Government Accountability Board) and Manitowoc County – will help you decide whether you should run … how to run … and how to present the topic to others.

Women in Government


A number of studies have highlighted the disproportionately low number of women holding state and federal elective offices. This is also true of local elective offices in Wisconsin. These studies have also shown that women are less likely than men to run for elective office, and that their reasons for running often vary from those cited by men.

Jenny Erickson, Sauk County, UWEX Community Development Educator, Dan Hill, UWEX Local Government Center, Local Government Specialist, and Victoria Solomon, Green County, UWEX Community Development Educator investigated whether these findings held true for women running for local office in Wisconsin. Their findings have appeared in the publications of Wisconsin’s three statewide local Government Associations.

Other Resources

Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC):  Invaluable resources for officials on conducting local elections, and information for voters.