General Contact Information

Local Government Center
610 Langdon Street, Room 229
Lowell Center
Madison, Wisconsin 53703
Phone: 608-262-9960 or 608-262-9961

Local Government Center Specialists and Staff

 photo of Chuck Law, Director of the Local Government Center (LGC)

Chuck Law
LGC Director and Community Planning and Design Specialist
Phone: 608-265-2501

Overall Center program delivery and coordination. Funding mechanisms for downtown redevelopment; rural landscape preservation.


Dan Hill
Local Government Specialist
Phone: 608-265-2852

Transportation, open meetings, open records, elections, meeting management, agendas, minutes, parliamentary procedure, public policy education, women in government.

 photo of Philip Freeburg LGC Law Educator

Philip Freeburg
Local Government Law Educator
Phone: 608-262-5103

Local government law in general; powers and duties of local government bodies and officials; land use regulation; open meetings and records; ethics and conflicts of interest.

photo of Bill Rizzo, LGC Specialist

Bill Rizzo
Local Government Specialist
Phone: 608-265-6273

Deliberative governance, civil discourse in public life, public engagement, participatory decision-making.

Image of Yunji Kim

Yunji Kim
Local Government Specialist
Phone: 608-263-2980

Local government budgeting and finance.

Larry Larmer image  Larry Larmer
Outreach Specialist

Parliamentary procedure, conducting government meetings, minutes.

Center Support Staff

photo of Katy Sticha Support Staff LGC Katy Sticha 
(608) 262-9961
 Eileen Langdon Support Staff at LGC Eileen Langdon
(608) 262-9960
Website support: Eileen Langdon