County Training Resources

Off-the-Shelf Resources for
Local County Board Trainings

Many of the resources on these pages may appear out of date. Don’t be fooled by the date. Despite their age,these documents are full of ideas that are just as useful now as when they were created. If you are developing training for your county board, take a look.

We have asked for updates to these materials and will replace the older ones as newer versions arrive.

County-based educators will have:

  • Packaged teaching resources for use in local county board training programs.
  • Increased capacity and confidence to deliver on-demand local government education.
  • Tools and resources available to distribute to local county officials for self-study.

Local government officials will have:

  • Otherwise-unavailable access to UW-Extension educational resources.
  • Greater ability and confidence in assuming their roles as public servants.

Types of Resources

  • Administrative Aids
  • Content and Curriculum –This growing resource collection includes one-hour curricula on a variety of topics appropriate for local county board trainings.  Keeping in mind that you may spend a full hour on each topic at a formal training, or only 15-20 minutes at a county board meeting, the curriculum is being designed to allow you to easily add and subtract components.