Deliberative Governance Tools, Guides, and Selected Reading

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Guides and Tools

  • Public Engagement Planning Tool – (PDF file, 108 kb, 2 pages) Bill Rizzo, 2014
  • Facilitating Public Issues: Best Practices – National Issues Forums, 2011
  • Working Through Difficult Decisions – (PDF file, 387 kb, 12 pages) Kettering Foundation, 2011
  • Naming and Framing Difficult Issues to Make Sound Decisions – Kettering Foundation, 2011
  • Constructive Conversations about Challenging Times: A Guide to Community Dialogue – Public Conversations Project, 2011
  • Moving Beyond Polarization: Some First Steps – Public Conversations Project, 2011
  • Naming and Framing Local Issues for Public Deliberation – National Issues Forums, 2010
  • From Old Conversation to New Conversation – Public Conversations Project, 2010
  • A Sample Set of Proposed Agreements for One-on-One Dialogue – Public Conversations Project, 2009
  • Fostering Dialogue Across Divides – Public Conversations Project, Maggie Herzig & Laura Chasin, 2006
  • Eleven Ideas for Making A Hard Conversation Work – Public Conversations Project, 2004
  • An Overview of PCP’s Collaborative Dialogue Process – Public Conversations Project, 2003
  • International Listening Association Bibliography – International Listening Association, 2000
  • Premises, Practices, and the Spirit Behind Them – Public Conversation Project, 1999
  • Public Dialogue and Democracy: A Guide for the Discussion Leader – Public Conversations Project, W. Barnett Pearce, Loyola University, 1999
  • PCP Dialogue Toolbox – Public Conversations Project, 1999
  • Designing, Facilitating, and Following-Up Dialogues – Public Conversations Project, 1999
  • Questions to Ask of Those Who Seek to Convene a Dialogue – Public Conversations Project, 1999
  • Other Exercises and Questions for Mulling – Public Conversations Project, 1995
  • Dialogue Fundamentals – Center for Wise Democracy, no date specified
  • Comparing Dialogue, Deliberation and Choice-creating – Center for Wise Democracy, no date specified
  • Facilitating Technical Workshops: 5 Steps to ‘Getting It Right’ – Consensus Building Institute, Patrick Field, no date specified


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