News and Notices – Winter/Spring 2013

Welcome Terry Feinberg; Fond Farewell Alan Probst

The Local Government Center this month is like the Beatles song, “Hello, Good Bye.” We are saying “Hello” to new Specialist Terry Feinberg, while also saying “Good Bye” to our colleague, Alan Probst. The Local Government Center is pleased to welcome Terry Feinberg, our newest Specialist. Terry comes to UW Extension from Illinois Extension, where her duties included the Certified County Officials training, developing and teaching a program called Tomorrow’s Leaders: Understanding Illinois Local Government, and statistical analysis. Terry has Bachelor of Arts degrees in communications (Organizational) and political science and a master’s degree in public administration. Terry brings not only her teaching experience, but her background in community development for the City of Indianapolis and as managing editor of the White House Task Force on Reinventing Government. Terry also served in the US Army as an Intelligence Analyst and Korean linguist. Alan Probst was part of the Local Government Center for over 7 years. Alan brought a special level of local government experience to the Center. Those who heard him teach or worked with him know that he proudly served in the Army and the Marines before working as a municipal administrator and then for UW Extension. He has taken a new job at the Pentagon as a civilian employee of the Marines. Semper Fi, Al.

“Local Government Essentials” WisLine Will Come to You

Listen to Board of Review Training WisLine at home? Learn Alcohol Licensing or the Town Annual Meeting requirements at your desk, or anywhere? Yes, you can! The “Local Government Essentials” WisLine series brings you important topics you expect from the Local Government Center, but with a new twist. Instead of going to a WisLine site, you can now participate in programs from your home, office or anywhere there is a telephone. Some County UW Extension offices may still offer a listening site, but most participants will get their WisLine training from any telephone. Just register and a toll free number, password and materials will be emailed you. (For an additional fee printed materials will sent by regular mail.)

The following Programs are being offered:

  • How to Run The Annual Town Meeting (March 5, 2013)
  • Regulation of Alcoholic Beverage Licensing (March 12, 2013)
  • Conducting the Annual Board of Review (April 23, April 30, May 2, or May 7, 2013)

CDs containing a digital recording of the broadcast and digital copies of the support materials will be available after all programs. For more information, visit the Local Government Center website and click the “Distance Education” tab:

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