UniverCity Alliance seeking a Local Government Partner for its next UniverCity Year

How does a local government partnership with UniverCity Alliance (UCA) work? First, UCA matches the local government’s top priorities with courses taught by UW-Madison faculty Second, students in these courses work on the issues and questions over the course of the school year Lastly, the local government partner receives research, reports, designs, solutions and new […]

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Encouraging Women to Run for Local Elected Office

Jennifer Erickson, Dan Hill, and Victoria Solomon have built on research begun in 2016. They just presented, “Leadership in Local Government: Encouraging Women to Run for Local Elected Office” at the UW Women’s & Gender Studies Consortium’s 41st Wisconsin Women and Gender Studies Conference, April 12-14, 2018 in Madison, Wisconsin. Their new research, based on […]


New Podcast Series: Local Government Matters

You might be interested in a new podcast series that focuses on local government in Wisconsin, “Local Government Matters.” It’s presented by the Wheeler Report.  Listen to the second episode of “Local Government Matters” where Jerry Deschane of the League of Wisconsin Municipalities and Mark O’Connell of the Wisconsin Counties Association discuss Dark Stores and how they […]

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2018 Local Land Use, Planning and Zoning Teleconferences February – May

These programs cover topics of interest to Wisconsin local government officials, attorneys, citizens, and land use planners. Each 90-minute teleconference is $20 and includes a digital copy of written materials. American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) Continuing Maintenance (CM), and Continuing Legal Education (CLE) accreditation applied for. Participation in live program qualifies for credit. Topics […]

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News and Notices Fall 2017

News and Notices Fall 2017 Learn from Teleconferences on USB Drives Recorded teleconferences from the 2016-2017 Local Government Issues, Challenges, and Strategies series are available for purchase on USB drives (also known as flash or thumb drives). Voter Registration & ID Broadband in Rural Wisconsin: Taking Steps Forward Assessing and Addressing Local Service Needs Fire […]