Performance Measurement


The purpose of this page is to provide local officials and interested persons with information useful in learning about performance measurement as a management tool for local governments and, if desirable, to implement a performance measurement system into their local government’s management system and budgetary processes.

Performance measurement, as depicted on this page, may facilitate but does not require implementation of any form of outcome or performance based budgeting, although those subjects are addressed herein. This page represents some of the initial work done on an ongoing collaborative project between the University of Wisconsin-Extension Local Government Center and the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh Office of Community Studies. The project, upon completion, is intended to provide not only training and information resources but also provide a local government performance measurement data clearinghouse from which Wisconsin local governments may acquire data for use for comparison and as benchmarks for their own performance.

Proposed Core Indicators

In order to ensure we collect useful comparative/benchmarking data on relevant subjects, the following link takes you to a listing of proposed core indicators for which performance data would be collected, compiled, and provided for local government usage. We are asking that local officials review those indicators and provide feedback to one or both of the listed project managers to help us better serve your government. Proposed Indicators (Microsoft word file, 72 kb, 3 pages)

Programming on Performance Measurement

Downloadable Curriculum

Talks and Workshops

Presentation by Al Probst at 2009 Town Officials Workshops.

Implementation in Wisconsin Communities

Case studies to be added.

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