UniverCity Alliance seeking a Local Government Partner for its next UniverCity Year

How does a local government partnership with UniverCity Alliance (UCA) work?

  • First, UCA matches the local government’s top priorities with courses taught by UW-Madison faculty
  • Second, students in these courses work on the issues and questions over the course of the school year
  • Lastly, the local government partner receives research, reports, designs, solutions and new ideas – and help in implementing them

Listen to this Local Gov Matters podcast where Mayor Mary O’Connor discusses the City of Monona’s UniverCity Year and how the topics of parks and recreation and sustainability were addressed.

To find out if there are courses that would benefit your community, reach out to:

Gavin Luter, UniverCity Year Program Director,
gavin@cows.org, 608-261-1141

Kelly Conforti Rupp, UniverCity Year Program Manager,
kelly.rupp@wisc.edu, 608-890-0330

Application information is in the UniverCity Year Request for Proposals

UniverCity Year Request for Proposals

Application Deadline is July 27th, 2018